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Athens County 9-1-1
Emergency Communications

13 West Washington Street
Athens, Ohio 45701

Director: Teresa Fouts-Imler
Phone: (740) 592-3276

Coordinator: Jeremy VanDine
Phone: (740) 592-3272

Administrative Assistant :Melissa Fowler-Dixon
Phone: (740) 592-3273

Fax: (740) 592-5370

This is a listing of links for the various Emergency Services organizations that support Athens County Citizens in the event of an emergency.

Athens County Government
This page is dedicated to providing all services for Athens County Residents.

Athens County Emergency Medical Services
This page is dedicated to providing a wide range of news, information, and discussions relating to Emergency Preparedness for the citizens of Athens County.

Athens County Sheriff's Office
This page is dedicated to providing emergency police services for Athens County residents.

Athens County Emergency Management Agency
Supporting emergency response throughout Athens County.

Athens County GIS Office
Providing state of the art Geographic mapping services to Athens County.

National Emergency Number Association
NENA’s mission is to foster the technological advancement, availability, and implementation of a universal emergency telephone number system.

Association of Public Safety Communications
APCO is the worlds oldest and largest not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to the enhancement of public safety communications.

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